Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The True Relationship Between Sales and Marketing - Sales is Your Customer!

You have often heard me say the following in various event measurement and ROI seminars: "Sales (deparment) is the customer of Marketing."
"Sales are the only ones who can define a qualified lead."
"The sales team are the ultimate arbiters of success of a trade show or customer event."
Etc. etc.

Linda Musgrove, aka "The Trade Show Teacher" posted a great article in Exhibit City News (12/30/09) "Sales and Marketing Department Coorperation, Can't We All Just Get Along" that delves further into this important tenet. I think this is a good read in preparing for your 2010 trade show program.


Now is the time to get that appointment with the sales team and jointly define the measure of success for your program this year.


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