Friday, October 16, 2009

Reasons to Exhibit at Trade Shows

Our friend Mike Thimmesch at Skyline Displays posted an article 22 Reasons To Exhibit At Trade Shows

I responded in support of his view:

Right you are! Trade Shows and events are exceptionally broad in terms of what can be accomplished for the host company. I teach a planning model related to what you are speaking of.

Trade shows, and customer events in general, produce two main accomplishments for the host company.

1) Business Development
This includes:
*Revenue Generation
- Target Marketing
- Prospect Development
*Revenue Retention
- Customer Relationship Management
- Growth on the Revenue Base
*Channel Management
*Supplier and Partner Management
- Negotiation of more favorable terms or arrangements
*Influencers and Regulators Management
- Influence the conditions under which business is conducted and
products are sold (associations, standards bodies, etc.)
*Cost Savings through expense avoidance activity at an event

2) Marketing Communications
*Press Management
*PR Activity
*Analyst Management
*Marcom Objectives
- Brand Development and Reinforcement
- Program Communications
- Market Positioning
- Product Launch
- Loyalty
- Community Development (social networking)
- Continuous Communications
- Relationship Development
*Community Relations

These elements form the core of a robust planning structure that Skip Cox of Exhibit Surveys and I developed into an automated planning support and measurement tool. Information on that tool may be found on either of our websites.

Keep preaching the word that shows are about a lot more than leads and sales!

Ed Jones
Constellation Communication Corp.
ROI on Events, Event Measurement and Evaluation

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Michael Thimmesch said...

Thanks, Ed! I enjoyed reading your much more though-out list than mine. It seems that generating profitable sales leads has to do the heavy lifting of justifying most exhibitors' trade show participation. Yet the value of all your other activities is very substantial, and would be costly to duplicate outside of the trade show. It would be good to start any trade show planning meeting with your list in hand.