Thursday, September 3, 2009

Visitor Management and Visitor Experience at Trade Shows

Response to a blog thread regarding visitor management and visitor experience –

Having provided evaluation and measurement at hundreds of trade shows and events, please allow me to offer some objective observations.

Many exhibitors do not teach their staff to properly engage and quickly qualify each visitor and focus their time and attention on those who are targeted. The big variable is how many of those who are attracted to your exhibit are targeted. If the percentage is big, then you will have a good show. If the percentage is small you will have a miserable result.

Too often the strategy is to attract a large unqualified crowd with give aways or magicians and such and hope that those people who are the targets will speak up, identify themselves and engage the staff! That is pretty unlikely and a clear recipe for poor results and low ROI.

Put yourself to the test and see how many of these success factors you have in place, or observe as a visitor: (Check the ones you practice or observe regularly)

___ 1) Define the targets addressable at the event by product set
___ 2) Attract them with targeted promotion
___ 3) Train the staff to engage visitors and separate the targets from the non- targets
___ 4) Have a plan to manage the visit of the targets
___ 5) Convey specific, consistent, benefits oriented, high priority information that is relevant to each target set
___ 6) Have a pre- determined set of target visitor commitment goals (specific steps and activities).
___ 7) Ensure the commitment goals are steps that sales agrees is are steps in the sales cycle
___ 8) Have a system in place to record the commitments
___ 9) Provide motivation and support to the committed visitor to follow-through on the follow-up step through at and post- event communications.
___ 10) Set as many pre-scheduled meetings as possible with customers, prospects, suppliers, partners and others who can improve your profitability in some way.

This does work! It takes focus, planning, training and execution, but it will deliver results and make for happier more productive staff members and visitors.

Ed Jones

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