Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Brilliant Piece of Peer to Peer Marcom by a Non- Marketing Grad Student

Sometimes, albeit rarely, I am amazed by the clarity of a marketing piece. This video,
is produced by Adam Winn, a graduate student at the Center for Information and Communications Sciences program (CICS) at Ball State University (I am an advisory board member of this program.) The purpose of the video is to promote the CICS program to potential students through YouTube and other outlets. He is a graduate student in the computer and networking sciences field, and not a marketing major. He was a telecommunications undergrad.

There are many lessons here. 1) It doesn’t take a creative genius or experienced marcom practitioner to create great communications. This phenomenon, of which this piece is one of thousands of examples, is the result of ubiquitous, social, digital media exposing that many types of people, of varying personality types, interests and disciplines can be great communicators. 2) The resonance of “peer to peer marketing” is extremely powerful and may equal or exceed that available through traditional marcom output.

3) User produced media is reshaping how we communicate, are entertained and most definitely, how we are influenced.

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Linda Durkee-Quigley said...

Fantastic...can he help me put together my elevator pitch? Let me know...the cost and can do !

Larry C. Shoemaker said...

This is an excellent examples of how user-produced media is reshaping our world, and the impact it is having on what has been considered traditional marketing!